Happy Lunar Zawan Journey POP-UP TAKE-OUT 14/15 & 16/17 February 2024

We may no longer be at Rigiplatz 1, but ZAWAN lives on, just in a slightly different, flexible form, and why wait any longer - we don't want ZAWAN to be forgotten!

As you may know, we also celebrate the Lunar New Year in Thailand. And then I remembered that we already organised something nice for this celebration two years ago. Why not again? This time simply without a location at Rigiplatz. Briefly discussed with mum and the team, let's do it :) My motto has always been: just get started, the rest will happen along the way.


POP-UP TAKE-OUT 14th/15th & 16th/17th February 2024 from 5pm for pick up

📣 Your attention please 🙏

LUNAR JOURNEY - TAKE OUT from your favourite ZAWAN Thai kitchen 🔆🔪🇹🇭

Limited, first order first served
only on pre-order, no delivery, pick up only.

Place your order one day before the pick-up date (order today/pick up tomorrow) 📍Pick-up location: Winterthurerstrasse 40, 8006 Zurich from 5 pm - 8.30 pm

Order: by 📧 e-mail, with name, telephone number and proof of payment attached, as well as date and pick-up time, to avoid waiting times, we will schedule a time slot.

💰 Payment
Prepayment by Twint 079 249 73 36 or bank transfer: ZAWAN AG, IBAN: CH93 0070 0114 8021 1682 7

Price: CHF 169 (the meal is for two people - or to eat alone again the next day ❤️🙏🌸), the price for each additional person is + CHF 69 (e.g. the price for three people would be CHF 238, for four people CHF 307), plus a bottle of Thai beer per person is included.

💫 if you place an order for 5 people or more, you will receive a 5% discount

💫 if you order for more than 10 people, you will receive a 10% discount

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The ZAWAN Journey on Lunar's New Year

✨ Somtam, green papaya salad, to be enjoy cold

✨ Satay Gai, grilled chicken with coconut marinade, served with peanut sauce and marinated radish and cucumber

✨ Yum Pla tuna tataki, with chilli and lemongrass dressing. to be enjoy cold

✨ Moo Grata, grilled marinated sausage with fermented soya dip and sesame, to be enjoy cold or warm 

✨ Tom Yum Goog, Coconut and lemongrass soup with mushrooms and prawns 🦐or without, to be enjoy warm or lukewarm

✨ Larp Gai, chopped chicken with chilli lime and herbs, to be enjoy lukewarm or cold

✨ Red curry with chicken and vegetables,
to be enjoy warm

✨ Green curry with vegetables and tofu, to be enjoy warm 

✨ Pad Makew, Aubergines from the wok 🍆 with Thai basil, garlic chives & tofu, to be enjoy warm 

📣 If you have any allergies, please let us know. We try our best to make you happy and fulfil your expectations 😊🙏

The food is packed in a Thai hot-bag, all dishes that are marked accordingly must be reheated at home and the others can be enjoyed cold.

Served with Thai jasmine rice 🍚 🌾 and a touch of love and affection ❤️


Siri, Mama Nunn & the whole ZAWAN team (Nong, Lek, Lena & Melissa)

For orders by e-mail

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