Welcome to ZAWAN!

Imagine being a guest in a restaurant you haven’t been before, make yourself comfortable, order something to drink and wait for the menu. But there is no such thing. Instead, the hostess describes which dishes her mom is cooking that day — a small but fine selection of the freshest dishes made from the best ingredients. So temptingly smelling meals are served from the kitchen. If you just want to be served, enjoy the wonderful ZAWAN Journey (two different appetizers, soup, salad, two main courses).

That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? We turn this beautiful vision into reality — in our small restaurant ZAWAN at Rigiplatz, where we cultivate the traditional family gastronomy of Southeast Asia.

My family comes originally from the east of Thailand, the Isan, close to the border to Laos. The recipes also come from this area. We do not follow fixed rules, but present our very own interpretation of these wonderful dishes. Here are just a few examples: “Mieng larp Kham” (small bites on a bed of salad), “Nam Prik” (mousse and dips in various variations, vegetarian, with meat, with fish),“Nam Tok” (thinly sliced fillet of beef with herbs in lime chili dressing), “Mee Kati Gai Ubon-Style” (rice noodles with hand chopped chicken in coconut dressing and homemade vegetable pickles), and never miss “Som Tam” (spicy papaya salad) in different variations. Additionally there is the “Curry of the day”, optionally with or without meat.

Over lunchtime we serve several daily changing dishes, which are also available for “take-out”.

The ZAWAN is not only a charming Thai dining room — it is also a cosy bar and during summertime with a hidden garden, where every guest is welcome, even if it’s just for a bear, a glass of wine or a drink.

Are you intrigued? We hope so — and look forward to welcoming you!

Siri Neeser