Welcome to ZAWAN!

Sawadee Ka! We welcome you to our small restaurant ZAWAN near Rigiplatz, where the traditional family gastronomic culture of Southeast Asia is cultivated.

My family's home is in eastern Thailand, more precisely in Ubon Ratchathani: the city of the lotus blossom. Ubon is located in the border triangle of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. In the heart of the city flows the river Mea Nam Mun. Our cuisine takes this culinary heritage and reinterprets it.

My mom Nunn and I want to give you the feeling of what home means to us. Thai people love to eat and celebrate, not only during the official holidays. We enjoy life to the fullest with the people we love around us, and the way we express ourselves shows in our dishes and ingredients. I remember when I was a young child living in Thailand, almost every day was a holiday. Neighbors and friends would gather and enjoy the dishes prepared by my great-grandmother. She was the real boss in the kitchen. All my aunts helped here and there, but all the decisions were made by her. Food was a big thing in our culture and daily life, in fact it was the most talked about or thought about topic throughout the day. In the morning we are already thinking about lunch and after lunch we are thinking about dinner. A good meal is so satisfying and makes me happy, it used to be like that and it still is today. I want to share this happiness with you.

Are you intrigued? We hope so — and look forward to welcoming you!

Siri Neeser